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Cisco Adler Joins Tinypass

Jul 18, 2014
Cisco Adler Paywall

Cisco Adler is using Tinypass to manage his members-only website where he sells unlimited access to his music, exclusive video, curated content, and discounted tickets.  Yesterday the record label and lifestyle brand tweeted this announcement to its 62,000 followers:

Tweets from CiscoAdler

Cisco told Tinypass he is, “Always looking for ways to reinvent the music biz model and subscription seems to be it. Glad you guys make it easy… “

Bob Vila’s Lawn Care Guide Powered by Tinypass Downloads

Jun 09, 2014

Just in time for summer and Father’s Day, Bob Vila is selling a comprehensive Lawn Care Guide through Tinypass’ Downloads e-commerce platform.  Experts share their tips and tricks to grow and maintain the best lawn in the neighborhood in this colorful 13 page PDF, available immediately for only $3.99.


You can purchase it by clicking on “Get Your Guide!” above or, to buy it as a gift and schedule it to be delivered to your dad’s email inbox on Father’s Day, click here.

Quality Content Matters, Especially on Tax Day!

Apr 15, 2014

Jackel Tax LawOne of the wonderful things about working at Tinypass is seeing the variety of content from all corners of the globe that we have the opportunity to support every day.  Seeing as how today happens to be tax day, we thought that we would shine the spotlight on a publisher who specializes in providing tax-related advice, Jackel Tax Law, who’s mission it is to provide:

“…stimulating and thought-provoking analysis, opinion and commentary on important federal tax issues of the day.”

After being frustrated by the paltry revenues that online ads were providing, the site implemented Tinypass earlier this year and began charging visitors for its insights.  Using our platform the site offers three levels of membership, ranging from $120 per year per user for a government employee, on up to $1175 for a yearly, unlimited group membership.  The early returns – no pun intended – from Jackel Tax Law’s paid monetization strategy have far exceeded those of its previous, ad-dependent business model.  Moving forward, we believe that other niche publishers will increasingly see the wisdom in charging for their narrowly-focused, valuable content.

Mamalode’s Online Operations Supported by Tinypass

Mar 12, 2014

With each passing day the universe of content supported by Tinypass continues to grow, and as a number of us around the office are new parents, we are especially excited to welcome Mamalode – – into the fold.

Begun by Elke Govertsen in Missoula, Montana as a party for moms the night before Mother’s Day, i.e. Mother’s Day Eve®, the annual event grew from a small group of friends to a large public event attended by 500 moms and moms-to-be. Inspired by the events, in 2009 Govertsen launched a print magazine that currently boasts subscribers in all 50 states as well as 10 countries.

Called “America’s BEST parenting magazine” by Lisa Stone, CEO of BlogHer, the magazine’s web site is filled with stories, poems, playlists, slideshows, and reviews all focused on the “wonders of modern motherhood”. Using Tinypass, mamalode offers readers a monthly subscription of $3.99, a yearly subscription of $29.99, or the option of not paying at all. From its humble roots as a local get-together to its current mix of online curation, content, and design, with the right sort of support from its community of readers, we feel that mamalode’s future is bright.

Podcasts, Still Hot After All These Years

Feb 27, 2014

TMR Show logi
Tinypass helps sell access to all kinds of digital content and one of our recent success stories involves the venerable, at least in Internet-terms, podcast.

Having debuted nearly a decade ago, podcasts have quietly and steadily grown in popularity.  In July of last year Apple announced that its customers had subscribed to more than a billion podcasts in the eight years since the medium’s appearance on iTunes.  And according to Edison Research, the percentage of Americans 12 and older who have listened to a podcast has increased from 10% in 2006 to 26% today, while one in six Americans has listened to a podcast within the past six months, that’s more than 50 million people.

Earlier this year we began working with The Milt Rosenberg Show – – “a daily show that features intelligent, enlivening and thought provoking discussions centered on the world of ideas.”  Milt himself is a professor emeritus at the University of Chicago and the former host of the long-running public affairs program Extension 720.

The team at The Milt Rosenberg Show use Tinypass to sell access to past shows (see below) while also offering select podcasts for free via iTunes, thus benefitting from Apple’s huge distribution to attract new listeners while monetizing hard-core fans direct from their web site.

TMRS ticket