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Big Ten Champs Join Tinypass!

Dec 09, 2013

Spartan Nation

Well, specifically Spartan Nation – – the interactive media company dedicated to covering Michigan State’s sports programs. Founded by Hondo Carpenter, the site boasts podcasts, video, message boards and editorial coverage of the Spartans. A dedicated staff of producers, writers, photographers, and editors generate year round content.

In addition to advertising and sponsorship revenue, the site recently introduced Tinypass to help generate direct audience support. Fans of the site have three levels at which they can contribute – $5 for a week, $20 for a month, or $50 for the year. We are excited to be working with Hondo and his talented team and we wish the Spartans well in the upcoming Rose Bowl against Stanford.

Media for Our Challenged Attention Spans

Nov 21, 2013

2 paragraphs logo

It’s no secret that the average adult’s attention span has fallen as precipitously as digital media has risen.  With this in mind, a new media service has launched in Brooklyn with brevity at the core of its mission.  2paragraphs – – is a platform to “read, share, and contribute insights and observations about the world we live in – 2paragraphs at a time.”

The site covers the issues of the day, everything from business news and the law, to books and culture.  Co-founder and publisher Joseph Mackin was the original Internet Editor of The Paris Review under the direction of George Plimpton.  Joseph’s founding partner is Mary Fichter, the culture editor and social media director at 2paragraphs.

In order to support their endeavor, Joseph and Mary have implemented Tinypass Applause.  Applause, see for more information, works exactly like Tinypass’ metered paywall with one major exception in that it does not restrict access to a site’s content.  Rather publishers present site visitors with an appeal for support after a given number of pageviews.  In the case of 2paragraphs, after every five pageviews (the publisher decides the pageview count for when to present a reminder) visitors are presented with the following appeal:

2 paragraphs curtain

Once someone contributes $1.49 for a month, for the next 30 days, they are not shown any additional appeals to contribute.  Should they pay $8.99 for the year, they will go a full 365 days without seeing any additional fund raising appeals.  We believe that the light touch of Applause will help sites generate meaningful revenue while at the same time keeping their content entirely open.

Documentaries from Down Under

Nov 06, 2013

Helping to sustain quality, independent voices in the cacophony that is 21st century media is near and dear to our heart here at Tinypass and one of the most effective means for such voices to express themselves is through film, particularly documentaries.

In a crowded marketplace there is no guarantee that the most deserving documentaries will find the light of day.  Someone has to make sense of the flood of fact-based films, i.e. the curator, and that’s where one of our newest partners comes in, Australian-based beamafilm – see

Beamafilm is an independent movie-streaming site created by a group of filmmakers, distributors and video on demand specialists.  The site is unique for its collection of signature Australian docs as well as films from around the world, many of which are only available through beamafilm.

Employing the flexibility of the Tinypass platform, beamafilm offers a host of viewing options, including a seven-day free trial, a $12.99 per month recurring subscription, and “pay-per-play” 48-hour rentals for $2.99 to $4.99.  The site also provides members of Australia’s public library system free access to its film collection.  Welcome aboard to our latest partner from Oz!

The Argentine Porcupine

Oct 18, 2013

Helping support independent journalism and independent voices is one of Tinypass’ core missions and it is always heartening when we are able to put our principles into action.  Earlier this month we had just such an opportunity when Argentine online publisher el puercoespín – see – began using Tinypass to help support their operation.

The Buenos Aires-based site, which launched in March 2010, covers politics, journalism, and culture in such a way that “a future anthropologist or historian will be able to uncover some clues about our times.”

The site was founded and is led by writer and journalist Gabriel Pasquini.  As with many of our successful publishing partners, Pasquini took the time to communicate the reasons for and benefits of asking his audience for monetary support.

He opens his appeal by noting that the price of a monthly subscription to el puercoespín, $5, is the same as the cost for a movie ticket in the countries where most of his readers live.  In terms of benefits, subscribers will have access to Club Puercoespín, set to launch in the first quarter of next year.  Some of the club’s perks will include exclusive longform journalism, ebooks, photography, and online chats with leading writers and other figures of note.  You can see his entire note, in Spanish, here

At the end of the day, the greatest benefit to all of us is a vibrant and healthy Internet where publishers like el puercoespín can flourish.

NME & Tinypass

Oct 07, 2013

The UK’s venerable music publication, NME (New Musical Express), opining on popular music since the early 1950s, and now one of the world’s biggest standalone music sites with more than seven million users per month, sold the cover story of its September 28th edition featuring LA’s Haim sisters – – online using Tinypass.

For less than a pound, visitors to the site can read about Haim’s tour in support of their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’.  The Southern Cal trio has definitely caught the attention of NME as they named the title track of the Haims’ EP, Forever, its #4 track of 2012.