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Can you get readers to pay a dollar a day for digital news?

Nov 20, 2015
Industry trends


By Ken Doctor, Nieman Journalism Labs

The Boston Globe is doing just that, and it seems to be working. It might be the foundation of a sustainable revenue model for local newspapers.

Is local news worth a dollar a day?

That’s the fascinating question The Boston Globe is now posing to its local readers. It’s a query that should resonate among the press around North America and Europe as well.

Ninety-nine cents has become the golden price of digital media. Ninety-nine cent trial offers are everywhere you look, and $7.99 to $9.99 a month will you everything from Hulu to Netflix to Spotify.

Now the Globe offers a simple proposition: If you want unlimited, cross-platform digital access to our news report, pay a dollar a day.

This isn’t just about pricing. It’s a strategy with several moving parts, building on the foundation of sufficient unique content. The company has gotten better at learning, gaining the courage to price on the fundamentals of analytics and their interpretation.

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Ad blocking and privacy, who’s right? The readers weigh in

Nov 19, 2015
Industry trends

The ad blocking vs. privacy debate continues to blaze. Under every article these days about the pros and cons of ad blocking are comments that discuss whether blocking online ads is equivalent to theft and if user tracking is ethical. And native advertising is increasingly being scrutinized as some publishers try to hide the sourcing while others are more up front with their audience.

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Piano at the Business Information & Media Summit

Nov 11, 2015

Our Director of Sales for North America, Meghan Wright, is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL today through Friday attending the BIM Summit. If you would like an opportunity to meet with Meghan while she’s there to discuss Piano VX and how we can help you with monetizing your online content, please drop her and email.

Are Ad Metrics Shifting?

Nov 05, 2015
Knowledge Base

Page views have always been king on the Internet, they reveal how much interest there is in your website and how much you could charge for advertising. Unfortunately people invented ‘bots to drive up PVs, thus skewing readership numbers and artifically inflating CPMs. Therefore it’s a relief to see that a basic Piano tenet, time spent on a page, or as it’s now termed, engagement, is finally becoming a basic and real metric.

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Daily Detroit: doing good in a city rising again!

Oct 29, 2015
Piano news

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.36.16

The Daily Detroit is a super-smart website dedicated to bringing all the news about what’s hip and cool happening in Detroit to those who live there, those who used to live there and to those who are hoping to move there because it’s one of the most affordable and happening cities in America today. The website is open, all content is freely available, but they use Piano’s software to run their membership program that supports editorial production for as little as $3.13 per month. A pretty sweet deal all things considered. If you live in Detroit support this excellent organization by becoming a member!