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Tinypass & Vitamin Daily

May 14, 2015

As we’ve noted previously, Tinypass is deployed on sites throughout the world and today we are turning our attention to our neighbor to the north. is an online lifestyle magazine that creates online newsletters for affluent females living in Canada’s major urban centers.

Founded in 2004 by Sarah Bancroft and Tara Parker Tait, the company was acquired by Glacier Media Group in 2013.  Vitamin Daily uses Tinypass to power Vitamin VIP, an enhanced $5 per month subscription that provides access to exclusive content, interviews, events and contests.  Below is an example of the kind of offers a Vitamin VIP member receives.


Tinypass & Scripps

May 06, 2015

Tinypass has teamed up with The E.W. Scripps Company to power the Insider offering for WCPO, the company’s ABC-affiliated television station in Cincinnati.  Scripps is one of the nation’s largest independent TV station owners with 33 television stations in 24 markets and a reach of nearly one in five U.S. households.  It also owns 34 radio stations in eight markets.

Members of the WCPO Insider community enjoy access to exclusive content as well as offers from a variety of local merchants.  Day, monthly, and annual passes are available with an unlimited Washington Post Digital Premium subscription as part of the annual pass.

Tinypass & Civil Eats

May 01, 2015

Food – where it comes from, what it takes to grow and harvest, how it makes its way to our kitchens, restaurants, stores, and markets, who pays for and eats what – has never been a greater part of the national dialog than it is today.  It is in this context that we are proud to welcome Civil Eats to the Tinypass family of publishers.

Founded in January 2009 and produced by a community of more than 100 contributors, Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system.  Check out the conversation for yourself here.

Using Tinypass, the site provides visitors five free articles each month after which it asks supporters to subscribe at $25 for a year’s worth of access with the option of contributing more.

Insights Into the World’s Largest Industry

Apr 07, 2015

Skift is the largest industry intelligence and marketing platform in travel, providing news, information, data and services to all sectors of the world’s largest industry. A daily tool used by the top strategists, technologists, and marketers in travel.

Skift is using Tinypass to sell access to its Trends Reports that provide “travel strategists, marketers and technologists with in-depth trends analysis on all sectors the travel industry.” Skift generates two reports each month that are available for purchase as one-offs or via annual or monthly subscriptions.  Recent reports cover topics ranging from health and wellness in the travel industry to content marketing strategies for airlines.

Skift’s Trends Reports are expensive to create and indispensable to travel industry executives. Tinypass helps ensure that Skift gets appropriately compensated for its great research.

Tinypass & Films For Action

Apr 01, 2015

Based out of Lawrence, Kansas, Films For Action is “a community-powered learning library for people who want to change the world.” Using documentary film as its medium, the organization’s goal is to “provide citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society.”  The non-profit organization has nearly 400,000 followers on Facebook.

Films For ActionWith a library of more than 2500 films covering 40 subject areas, the organization is using Tinypass to charge for select films, with all proceeds going to fund the site’s operations.  When you have a moment, please visit  We are sure you will find something thought provoking.