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Give the Gift of Great Content!

Jun 26, 2013

Earlier this month we rolled out a new feature for our publishing partner The Dish from Andrew Sullivan.  The team at The Dish has been great to work with and we have collaborated on a number of features since they joined the Tinypass fold back in January.  The latest wrinkle involves being able to gift someone a year-long subscription to The Dish.   Check it out here –

Dishhead’s asked for the ability to easily spread the work from Andrew and his stellar team and Tinypass delivered.  Though launched to coincide with a special occasion, Father’s Day, gifting is a feature that will be available 365, 24/7.  In The Dish’s own words:

…the gifting option is here forever and is meant for everyone and anyone you’d like to invite to the Dish’s conversation. That co-worker you keep forwarding posts to? The atheist friend who wants to read an honest debate about faith? The sibling who’d love the Window View contest – if only she were given a chance to get into it? The roommate who thinks gays are icky? Or just a friend you’d love to chat with about stuff in the Dish but who doesn’t read it yet?

Invite them into the debate – by giving them a gift.

We will be rolling out this great feature to all of our publishing partners later this summer.  We will give you a heads up once it is open to the entire Tinypass community.