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Insights Into the World’s Largest Industry

Apr 07, 2015

Skift is the largest industry intelligence and marketing platform in travel, providing news, information, data and services to all sectors of the world’s largest industry. A daily tool used by the top strategists, technologists, and marketers in travel.

Skift is using Tinypass to sell access to its Trends Reports that provide “travel strategists, marketers and technologists with in-depth trends analysis on all sectors the travel industry.” Skift generates two reports each month that are available for purchase as one-offs or via annual or monthly subscriptions.  Recent reports cover topics ranging from health and wellness in the travel industry to content marketing strategies for airlines.

Skift’s Trends Reports are expensive to create and indispensable to travel industry executives. Tinypass helps ensure that Skift gets appropriately compensated for its great research.