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Media for Our Challenged Attention Spans

Nov 21, 2013

2 paragraphs logo

It’s no secret that the average adult’s attention span has fallen as precipitously as digital media has risen.  With this in mind, a new media service has launched in Brooklyn with brevity at the core of its mission.  2paragraphs – – is a platform to “read, share, and contribute insights and observations about the world we live in – 2paragraphs at a time.”

The site covers the issues of the day, everything from business news and the law, to books and culture.  Co-founder and publisher Joseph Mackin was the original Internet Editor of The Paris Review under the direction of George Plimpton.  Joseph’s founding partner is Mary Fichter, the culture editor and social media director at 2paragraphs.

In order to support their endeavor, Joseph and Mary have implemented Tinypass Applause.  Applause, see for more information, works exactly like Tinypass’ metered paywall with one major exception in that it does not restrict access to a site’s content.  Rather publishers present site visitors with an appeal for support after a given number of pageviews.  In the case of 2paragraphs, after every five pageviews (the publisher decides the pageview count for when to present a reminder) visitors are presented with the following appeal:

2 paragraphs curtain

Once someone contributes $1.49 for a month, for the next 30 days, they are not shown any additional appeals to contribute.  Should they pay $8.99 for the year, they will go a full 365 days without seeing any additional fund raising appeals.  We believe that the light touch of Applause will help sites generate meaningful revenue while at the same time keeping their content entirely open.