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Russia Direct Chooses Piano VX to Monetize Reports & Subscribers

Dec 17, 2015
Piano news

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 16.45.04The newest distinct voice coming out of Moscow is Russia Direct, a publication that experts and senior decision makers rely on to debate and understand Russia’s relationship with the world. Their team is selling subscriptions and specialized reports using Piano’s VX platform. The publication is one of a number of B2B publications that has chosen VX to monetize their unique and valuable online content because of VX’s flexible and sophisticated value exchange models.

Founded in 2013, Russia Direct features original reporting as well as fresh writing from a wide variety of experts from  both Russia and around the world; people who deliver insight often missing from today’s media landscape. Every day, Russia Direct provides their growing and very influential audience unique intelligence on the people, trends, issues and challenges that are driving the global conversation about Russia.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.53.47More than half their subscription revenue is being driven by individual report downloads while the other half comes from all access subscriptions. Having more than one revenue stream is just one of the ways Piano is helping Russia Direct build a sustainable business model that will endure through 2016 and beyond. We are proud to welcome them to the Piano family.


Industry Insights: ad blocking dominates publishers’ thinking

This time of year is given over to extended looks about what worked in the the last 12 months and speculation about what will be trendy or happening in the next 12. This year’s issues that stand out from our perspective are: ad blocking, quality content, OTT, user engagement and the remaining relevance of print. This week’s story selections represent those topics with none dominant. And, by the way, Happy Holidays everyone!

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Industry Insights: 2015, Almost a Wrap

Dec 10, 2015
Industry trends

As 2015 barrels towards history, conclusions are being drawn by pundits regarding what’s happened in the industry this year and their projections about what the future holds. Ad blocking dominated headlines, thinking, panels, conferences and will, no doubt, continue to receive attention in 2016. The realization that the advertising supported model may not be sustainable going forward has generated a lot of interest in viable alternatives; paywalls and membership programs, to name the two most prominent. Publishers who are mixing and matching revenue models are gaining new momentum while those who do nothing are closing in upon, like 2015, an inevitable demise.

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Industry Insights: what publishers are discovering about digital

Dec 03, 2015
Industry trends

Since June, the industry press has been flooded with pronouncements that the media is doomed because of ad blocking software. Turns out that’s not really true, there has been some impact, but not nearly as great as PageFair predicted. What’s become increasingly relevant is how media is incorporating new methods of generating digital revenue, changing business and strategic models, to stay afloat. This trend is applicable to all industry verticals, from newspapers to magazines to broadcast and B2B.