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Industry Insights: Facebook’s plans to help publishers

Apr 14, 2016
Industry Insights

Industry Trend of the Week
A couple of weeks ago Apple announced they were going to integrate one-touch payments with websites that will have a beneficial impact for publishers selling digital subscriptions. This week Facebook announced some tools that will help publishers more easily interact with their audience. Another important concession by Facebook is allowing Nielsen to measure performance so publishers will be able to analyze what content is connecting with whom within the Facebook walled garden.

Story of the Week
Here are the important announcements for publishers at Facebook’s F8 keynote
Bots, the “save” button, text sharing and live streaming are a few of the announcements Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the annual F8 conference this week that will affect publishers.

Facebook’s new advertising policy opens the floodgates for publishers’ branded content on social
As more publishers increasingly rely on branded content to support ad-revenue, Facebook has taken steps that allow publishers to post branded content and is making tools available to track performance via tags.

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Report from the FT Digital Media 2016 conference

Apr 12, 2016

Piano’s CRO Peter Richards is attending the FT Digital Media 2016 Conference today and tomorrow. Peter sent back a few observations.

Video and how publishers are embracing it is the main theme to many of today’s presentations. Peter says that it appears linear (broadcast) TV is being disrupted, with BBC Three going completely online. At the same time Vice TV is entering the UK market. So falling revenues and new competitors are forcing broadcasters to assess their strategies. While many are launching streaming, still 80% are watching TV at the time of broadcast.

Peter also learned that the industry is estimating that 70% of all content on the internet will be video by 2019, a remarkable uptick in only three years. Fitting into the mold (or perhaps breaking the traditional mold), Hearst publishing is experimenting with vertical video on Snapchat.

Digital native Refinery 29 has embraced distributed content having enormous success with Snapchat Discover. They are embracing video as well and could actually become an OTT streaming provider within two years. With a 150M unique users, the ability to create a paid premium product exists. For now they continue to monetize via native content.

For more about the conference check out these links: From the BBC, From Vice UK, from Digiday, from the WSJ.

You can also check out photos from the conference.

Peter will have some more insights from his time at the conference tomorrow.

3 lessons you can learn from your Analytics by digging deeper

Apr 07, 2016
Knowledge Base

By Jean Hodges, Gatehouse Newsroom

Newsrooms have been staring at their analytics and sharing them for years, right? What else could we possibly learn from these numbers?

I hear editors say analytics mostly confirm what they already know. Crime, crime, crime … it’s all people want to read online.

In other newsrooms, I hear people talking about analytics and how to use them to focus on the content that really counts for readers. Here are some tips to find out how to learn from the information that comes from analytics to ensure your coverage is deep and meaningful in ways your readers will appreciate.

1. SHARE WITH EVERYONE: Editors aren’t the only ones who benefit from studying analytics. Reporters can learn from their own analytics, too.

Now: How do reporters learn about analytics? Some newsrooms have screens up in the newsroom to show real-time analytics. Reporters will stop by and take a look at the screens occasionally. And many newsrooms share a list of the most popular content on the website each day with the whole staff.

Dig deeper: Give the keys to your analytics to everyone. Hold a brown bag lunch session in which your analytics guru gives basic pointers on analytics to the whole staff. So, give everyone access and teach them how to use your analytics tools. In many GateHouse Media newsrooms, we use, which allows reporters to find out exactly how their own content is doing. Just think, your education reporter may discover that readers gravitate toward stories about standardized testing, prompting a deeper dive into those tests in schools in your area. If reporters only saw those lists of the most popular content, they might not have seen the audience trend on school testing. Some editors push back, saying some folks might be depressed to see how little time people spend with their content, but this is no reason to keep the information from your staff. Great leaders understand that information is important for growth, and they will look for ways to help struggling staff members learn from their own metrics and produce content that resonates with readers. Keep reading

Industry Insights: Getting content to your audience & the rise of the platform manager

Industry Trend of the Week
Push vs. pull; platforms vs. websites; membership vs. advertising, these are questions facing publishers this week. New thinking is being applied as the struggle continues to engage and monetize audience as digital subscriptions flat line and ad CPMs fall. Publishers are hiring more analysts to better wrangle the flood of data their users are generating, and audience engagement managers who can understand where the audience is and serve the right content on the right platform at the right time. Data and time are the new digital currencies.

Story of the Week
Paid content journey – from dollar shave to fan club
Like the Dollar Shave Club, paid content started with a simple value proposition underpinned by a big upsell. Now though, as digital subscriptions have ceased to grow, publishers are thinking about “fan clubs” to drive subscription revenue while weaning themselves off decreasing advertising CPMs.

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Meet Piano! April Conferences where you can find us

Apr 04, 2016

Piano will be attending a lot of conferences in April. If you would like to set up a meeting with our sales team for a demonstration of our software, get in touch with the Piano representative who will be attending the conference (listed below). We look forward to meeting with you and showing you what Piano can do for you!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.43.07
April 11 – INMA’s Big Data for Media in New York City. Piano CEO Trevor Kaufman is participating on a panel. We will also have a booth, please feel free to drop by and visit us for a demonstration of our software! To set up a meeting, please email David Restrepo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.44.34
April 12 – FT Digital Media 2016 in London. Piano’s CRO Peter Richards is attending and would be happy to set up a meeting and demo Piano VX or Piano Composer or both. Please send him an email to set up a meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.45.37
April 16 – NAB Show, Las Vegas. Piano’s West Coast Sales representative Nick Frazee will be attending the show and would be delighted to show you how Piano works with our current OTT clients in helping them monetize their video content. To set up a meeting with Nick, please send him an email.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.49.48
April 17 – Media Xchange in Washington D.C. Our East Coast Sales representative Meghan Wright will be in booth 105 where she’ll have running demonstrations of our software. If you would like to set up a meeting with Meghan, please send her an email.