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Meet Piano! April Conferences where you can find us

Apr 04, 2016

Piano will be attending a lot of conferences in April. If you would like to set up a meeting with our sales team for a demonstration of our software, get in touch with the Piano representative who will be attending the conference (listed below). We look forward to meeting with you and showing you what Piano can do for you!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.43.07
April 11 – INMA’s Big Data for Media in New York City. Piano CEO Trevor Kaufman is participating on a panel. We will also have a booth, please feel free to drop by and visit us for a demonstration of our software! To set up a meeting, please email David Restrepo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.44.34
April 12 – FT Digital Media 2016 in London. Piano’s CRO Peter Richards is attending and would be happy to set up a meeting and demo Piano VX or Piano Composer or both. Please send him an email to set up a meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.45.37
April 16 – NAB Show, Las Vegas. Piano’s West Coast Sales representative Nick Frazee will be attending the show and would be delighted to show you how Piano works with our current OTT clients in helping them monetize their video content. To set up a meeting with Nick, please send him an email.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.49.48
April 17 – Media Xchange in Washington D.C. Our East Coast Sales representative Meghan Wright will be in booth 105 where she’ll have running demonstrations of our software. If you would like to set up a meeting with Meghan, please send her an email.

Paid content journey – from dollar shave to fan club

Mar 31, 2016
Industry trends

By Nick Tjaardstra, WAN-IFRA
What does selling online news have in common with selling shaving razors?

In the U.S., the Dollar Shave Club is hard to miss and simple to understand. Simply put, for a dollar a month (+ two dollars postage) they will send you a razor and regular cartridge refills. Bolstered by venture capital and a massive TV and online ad campaign, the company has gone from zero to a billion dollars in value in a few short years.

As it turns out, the offer is not as simple as it sounds: there are actually two more tempting offers on the website. You can get a better razor cartridge with four blades for $6 and even better, a crazy luxury six-blade device for $9. The classic upsell.

Back in 2009, Press+, now part of Piano Media, was the news industry equivalent of the dollar shave club. For just a few dollars a month, you could get unlimited access to your favourite U.S. news sites.

Once The New York Times adopted the meter in 2011, the concept spread like wildfire. If you were lucky, news publishers might throw in a tablet app or even a Sunday print edition. And soon almost every news outlet with a paid content offer had a similar upsell.

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Industry Insights: Apple Pay is coming to mobile websites

Industry Trend of the Week
Flying under the radar but with tremendous potential for publishers was Apple’s announcement this week that they plan to extend Apple Pay, their service that lets shoppers complete a purchase on mobile apps with their fingerprint rather than by entering credit card details, to websites later this year. With more and more readers shifting to mobile to consume media and publishers increasingly reliant on subscriber revenue, a “one-touch” solution, albeit with a steep processing fee, that has access to hundreds of millions of credit cards, could be hugely beneficial to those seeking to monetize mobile users.

Story of the Week
Expanding Apple Pay to websites could help solve a problem for news orgs seeking subscribers on mobile
With Apple Pay coming to mobile websites, online publishers could be huge beneficiaries. With more readers using mobile, publishers being increasingly reliant on subscription payments and the burden of typing in payment info on a mobile device, a one-tap payment connected to an Apple account is a huge advantage over most currently popular payment methods. Keep reading

The Content Monetization Conversion Funnel

Mar 29, 2016

This is another article from Piano’s Lead Data Scientist Roman Gavuliak written last year and re-posted here for the edification of our faithful readers. To read all of Roman’s articles please click here.

Everyone knows that almost all news is freely available, even community news that had been previously monopolized by the local paper. That said, there are still a lot of people who are willing to pay for your news. Why? Because you have built your brand and gained the trust of your community based on your judgment in hiring reporters who care about reporting the local news well, covering local teams properly and having an editorial voice that speaks to the range of issues your readers care about.

After initial growth though, digital subscriptions seem to stagnate; our data shows that almost 40% of publications experience flat or declining digital subscriber rates. The question is why and what to do about it? It is important to examine and understand the impediments loyal customers have when converting from print into digital subscribers. Only after understanding and correcting these will subscriptions start to grow and recurring revenue flow. Keep reading

Industry Insights: Will distributed content kill the ad-driven revenue model?

Mar 24, 2016
Industry Insights

Industry Trend of the Week

Distributed content is still hot. Apple News, Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s AMP are driving traffic, revenue and subscriptions. Libération’s CTO talks about how his company is benefiting from distribution on Facebook; NowThis killed their homepage and is using different platforms to target different audience segments; and the Washington Post’s MD for digital explains why the paper distributes everything to Instant Articles. Could distributed content be the final stake in the heart of the ad-driven revenue model?

Story of the Week

Are We at a Tipping Point Against the Dominance of Ad-Supported Journalism?
A year ago, the media industry thought it had finally made it out of the woods with digital advertising revenue steadily increasing. Fast forward a year and it turns out the celebration was premature – digital ads do not generate enough revenue so publishers are again looking to their users for subscription revenue. Fortunately audience segmentation tools that let publishers offer tailored user experiences, like Piano’s VX, are going a long way towards driving increased subscription revenue.

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