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Quality Content Matters, Especially on Tax Day!

Apr 15, 2014

Jackel Tax LawOne of the wonderful things about working at Tinypass is seeing the variety of content from all corners of the globe that we have the opportunity to support every day.  Seeing as how today happens to be tax day, we thought that we would shine the spotlight on a publisher who specializes in providing tax-related advice, Jackel Tax Law, who’s mission it is to provide:

“…stimulating and thought-provoking analysis, opinion and commentary on important federal tax issues of the day.”

After being frustrated by the paltry revenues that online ads were providing, the site implemented Tinypass earlier this year and began charging visitors for its insights.  Using our platform the site offers three levels of membership, ranging from $120 per year per user for a government employee, on up to $1175 for a yearly, unlimited group membership.  The early returns – no pun intended – from Jackel Tax Law’s paid monetization strategy have far exceeded those of its previous, ad-dependent business model.  Moving forward, we believe that other niche publishers will increasingly see the wisdom in charging for their narrowly-focused, valuable content.