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Sep 04, 2015
Industry trends

My name is David Brauchli and I have been working in the paid content industry since its infancy. Before the industry was born though, I was a photojournalist with the AP, Reuters and others, so I’m familiar with how difficult it is to produce content and how hard it is to get paid for it.

What I find fascinating about the news business now is just how much more news there really is and how great news always seems to find its way out, whether its Seymour Hersch reporting about the abuse of power in the New Yorker or Ami Vitale taking photographs for National Geographic about disappearing Rhinos or really great audio like Serial.

I follow a lot of news because I’m a news junkie and, I follow what’s going on in the industry obsessively because it’s vital to how Piano reacts to where the market is going. At Piano, we have an amazing client services team who listen to our clients and accommodate their needs. However, part of what makes us great is the ability to anticipate our clients’ needs so we can create incredible software that they didn’t even know they needed, until they demo it. And part of the way we do this is by keeping up with the industry.

Every Thursday I put out a small newsletter called “Industry Insights,” articles that I’ve curated from my weekly reading. I point out trends that the industry is obsessing over (summer 2015 the overriding concern is…. Adblocking!) and link to the most interesting article on that subject in the past week. I also link to one article that I think you absolutely should read if you don’t have time to read anything else because you’ll gain important insight into where the industry is headed. And finally, I have a couple of links to articles that I posted the previous week that readers of Industry Insights clicked through to the most.

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