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Tinypass for Sports – In This Case, Football

Aug 28, 2013

People – publishers – are constantly asking us “what will people pay for?”  Needless to say, that is quite the existential, open-ended question if I’ve ever heard one.  One thing that I do know, and was reinforced earlier today, more on that in a minute, is that there is a high degree of correlation between a person’s passions and their willingness to open their wallet.  And with fall right around the corner, America’s greatest sports passion is upon us, football, professional, college, and otherwise.  And, oh yea, people will pay for their football content.

Just this morning, The IlliniBoard – – joined the Tinypass fold.  The site covers all things football, and basketball, related to The University of Illinois out of the Big Ten.  The founders of the site, like many of our publishing partners, bemoan what up until now has been the only real monetization route available to online content creators, i.e. advertising, or in the words of the Illini crew, “clicks”.  Check out their great post on their decision to go with Tinypass in order to lay the foundation for a more sustainable business model –

Another manifestation of our culture’s obsession with the pigskin is fantasy football, and enterprising sites such as RotoViz – – are using Tinypass to cash in.  According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), yes, there is a trade association for fantasy sports consisting of 140 member companies, more than 33 million Americans are active participants.

So there you have it, one answer to the media question of the moment.