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Tinypass Included in Accenture’s Pulse of Media Series

Mar 19, 2014
Piano news

Tinypass is honored to be a part of Accenture’s 2014 Pulse of Media series.  As part of its ongoing look at “mastering disruption in the digital world”, the global management and technology consultancy powerhouse sat down with leading innovators from across the media landscape, including our own Chief Strategy Officer David Restrepo.

Accenture lays out the current state of affairs in the media world as such:

As the Media and Entertainment industry continues to experience disruption, winning and losing strategies are becoming ever clearer.

Disruptive forces continue to influence media players of all types, and a new industry landscape is emerging. Companies are challenged to rethink business strategies and operating models to compete effectively.

Data and analytics are a powerful differentiator for almost any business model. A new set of skills are required for media companies to meet new consumer expectations of content whenever, wherever.

Please visit to see what David and other innovators have to say about the current and future state of digital media.