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Tinypass & Narrative 4

Jun 11, 2013

Tinypass is honored to be keeping company with some extraordinary talents – including winners of the National Book Award, the Booker Prize, the Peabody, the Grammys, the Pulitzer, and the National Magazine Awards, to name a few – all in support of a great cause.

It all began earlier this year when we were approached by Esquire magazine regarding the launch of a non-profit organization called Narrative 4.  Co-founded by authors Colum McCann and Luis Alberto Urrea, Narrative 4 seeks to promote social change through storytelling.  The organization describes its mission as follows:

We believe sharing stories is the key to opening the world. We call it “Fearless hope through radical empathy.”

At Narrative 4, we believe the world is forever changed when we share our stories.

Although storytelling is an ancient and universal human activity, Narrative 4 helps people all over the world tell their stories in a new and powerful way. We identify those who may not have been heard—whether it be teens from the south side of Chicago or on the streets of Dublin, or under-represented youth in Kabul or in the Barrio—and offer them sanctuary to share significant stories from their lives. The key to transformation lies in the sharing: when you hear someone else’s story deeply enough to inhabit it and re-tell it as if you have lived it, you become “the other” and see the world through her eyes. The power is in the active act of receiving and caring for another’s story. It is Radical Empathy.

Narrative 4’s first project, in partnership with Esquire, is “How to Be a Man,” a collection of stories by more than 100 of the world’s greatest authors.  The stories can be found here  For a modest donation, powered by Tinypass, visitors are granted unlimited access to all of the stories on the site.

We continue to marvel at the creative ways that people use Tinypass and we are especially hopeful for this newest wrinkle, the combination of art and technology to help promote positive change in the world.