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Tinypass’ New Consumer Dashboard is Live!

May 29, 2014
New release

The Visual Web, loosely defined as sites that value images over words – see Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest – grows in reach every day and its influence and esthetic has made for an overall more pleasant online experience.  We here at Tinypass thought that it was about time to apply some of these same principles to an often overlooked, unloved yet critically important part of the web, especially as it relates to ecommerce, a site’s customer account section.  You know, the area where you log in to manage your account settings, payment options, etc.

Tinypass’ newly launched consumer dashboard uses tiles and large, bold imagery to help purchasers of premium content manage their Tinypass account.  The “My Library” area shows users what content they currently have access to and surfaces recommended content from other Tinypass publishers.

DiscoverThe “My History” page goes one step further and provides a timeline account of every transaction that a user has made using their Tinypass account.

With our “My Wallet” functionality users can easily manage payment options – update, add, delete – that they wish to tie to their Tinypass account.CardsFinally “help!” is just a click away regardless of where a user is in the Tinypass consumer dash.

As each of us spends more and more of our time online, the tools that help us manage our content and purchases can no longer afford to be an afterthought.  Enjoy!