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Tinypass Powers The Daily Banter’s Campaign to “Unf*ck the Internet”

Sep 11, 2014

The Daily Banter
The Daily Banter
, a snarky and fiercely independent online news publication, has just issued a plea to its loyal readers.  Please help us keep producing high quality journalism. Bemoaning the prevalence of trashy tabloid sites, The Daily Banter shares that despite its impressive growth, soaring to over 5 million readers last month, advertising revenues are not sufficient to keep the site running.

The Daily Banter has turned to Tinypass to power a subscription benefit plan that asks readers to pay $5.99/month – “the price of two coffees”- for premium, ad-free access. The package also includes special features like exclusive content and live interactions with authors.  Explaining why he chose to implement a subscription model, Ben Cohen, Editor in Chief and Founder of The Daily Banter writes:

It’s simple really – reader funded journalism is potentially the most powerful, disruptive force to have ever hit the media industry.  If we have enough readers behind us, we can have an incredible amount of autonomy – no answering to advertisers or investors, and no interference from corporate bosses.

We couldn’t agree more.  We believe that readers value thought-provoking, well-written content and are committed to helping support their favorite publications.  To learn more about how Tinypass is helping online publishers re-imagine their business models, shoot us a note at  To learn more about The Banter’s offer visit