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Tinypass Teams Up with Esquire and Creatavist for a Good Cause

Sep 09, 2014

The Falling ManThe convergence of the upcoming September 11th anniversary with the brutal murders of Americans James Foley and Steven Sotloff at the hands of ISIS led our friends at Esquire to turn to their archives in an effort to honor the death of the two courageous journalists.  David Granger, Esquire’s Editor in Chief, explains:

Tom Junod’s “The Falling Man” has been read by nearly 20 million people since we first published it in September 2003. It’s the story behind a single image from September 11th that struck such a raw and terrifying nerve that it was almost immediately banished from public view. It came immediately to mind when photos and video of James Foley’s beheading by ISIS began circling the globe, followed two weeks later by the devastating video of Steven Sotloff’s murder. We wondered whether there was something we could do to honor their courage as journalists. And that’s when we came back to those 20 million readers.

We’ve teamed up with Creatavist and Tinypass on a fundraiser to sell a re-issue of “The Falling Man,” with a new introduction about James Foley. All revenue will go to the James Foley Scholarship Fund at Marquette University’s Diederich College of Communication. Our audacious goal is to raise $200,000, enough to cover a full four-year scholarship. We may fail miserably, or we might surprise ourselves. Either way, we hope you’ll help.

Please visit to read the story and donate to the James Foley Scholarship Fund.