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Tinypass & The Texas Tribune

Jan 22, 2015

As traditional newsrooms continue to shrink, one bright spot, call it a green shoot, in the journalism landscape has been the rise of non-profit news organizations.  Both the Knight Foundation, as well as the Pew Research Center, have chronicled this growing approach to delivering meaningful reporting to communities throughout the country.

Tinypass is excited to announce that it has partnered with The Texas Tribune, a leader in the field of non-profit journalism, to help streamline the process by which individuals contribute to The Tribune.   While many non-profit news operations are initially funded through one-time seed grants from foundations, on-going audience support is essential to their long-term viability. Tinypass is uniquely positioned to help maximize audience support, thus helping this new breed of news organizations deliver the sort of in-depth reporting that is often lacking online.

Launched in November 2009 and co-founded by John Thornton, Evan Smith, and Ross Ramsey, The Texas Tribune is “a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization that promotes civic engagement and discourse on public policy, politics, government and other matters of statewide concern.”  The organization’s vision is to “serve the journalism community as a source of innovation and to build the next great public media brand in the United States.”

Our initial work with The Tribune involves Texas Weekly, the state’s premier newsletter covering politics and government.  For a 1-year, $349 subscription, or a 1-year, tax-exempt subscription of $325, subscribers to the newsletter receive a suite of content, including:

  • Ross Ramsey’s Inside Intelligence
  • The Blast, an exclusive afternoon round up direct from the Capitol
  • Full access to the Texas Weekly archives and data tools
  • A complimentary premium subscription to the Washington Post Digital Edition

This is just the beginning of our partnership.  Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out additional Tinypass functionality on The Tribune’s site itself.

If it isn’t already part of your regular media diet, please check out the great reporting that the folks down in Austin are providing and show your support by donating via Tinypass.  If you run your own not-for-profit media organization and would like to learn more about how we can help, drop us a line at