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With ‘Unbundling’, The New York Times Continues to Lead

Apr 24, 2014
Industry trends

NY Times NowWith apologies to The Financial Times, which successfully introduced a metered paywall long before any other high-profile daily, The New York Times continues to lead the mainstream publishing world when it comes to online business model innovation.  Initial success came in the form of its well-documented, metered paywall.  Based on its just announced first quarter financial results, see, the next phase of its paid content growth will be driven by unbundling its content and selling those bundles to interested niche audiences.  We believe that the NYT Now app – – represents the first example of this niche content approach.

In today’s TechCrunch, Darrell Etherington – – does an excellent job a summing up The Times’ thinking:

The New York Times apparently wants to get more of a good thing while the getting is good, too, so it’s looking to further unbundle its core offerings with standalone software that could eventually spin into still more new revenue streams. To that end, it plans to launch dedicated apps devoted to food and to opinion.”

He goes on to note:

“While very different companies, it’s interesting to see NYT pursuing a strategy similar to that of Facebook in seeking growth. One app to rule them all is an approach whose usefulness is being called into question in every industry, and media is no exception.”

To toot our own horn a bit, we wrote about this very approach last April – see

“In a world of infinite niches, curation, and content customization, we here at Tinypass believe that the time is long overdue for content providers to begin to think differently about their SKUs, about how they package what they sell.  There is untapped value in “Thinking Differently” when it comes to digital media.  The naysayers grumbled that it was sacrilegious to break up the LP.  See Steve Jobs.”

And earlier this year we spoke to Accenture about the very same thing – see

First came online subscriptions, now unbundling with its smaller financial commitments, to be followed in the not-too-distant future by micropayments.  Tinypass can help with all three, shoot us an email to find out more –