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Piano Media + Tinypass = Incredibly Great

Aug 12, 2015
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It’s impossible to really gauge just how great merging Piano Media with Tinypass is. Sure, there are tangibles, like getting Piano Media’s clients onto the awesome Tinypass VX software or Tinypass getting access to the incredible amount of data that is in the Piano Media warehouse, but the merger really goes beyond that.

A lot of companies, when they merge or one acquires the other, talk about “synergy” and how well they companies mesh. Then the reality of the merger takes place and it’s never quite as fantastic as it seems. However, in rare instances, there IS actual synergy and the two companies fit together like hand-in-glove, and this is the case with Piano Media and Tinypass.

So what’s great? Well, in addition to the tremendous number of clients Piano (as we are now called) has and our incredible software, we have a simply tremendous team.

Seriously, there isn’t one person working at Piano now who doesn’t want to be working for Piano. We have people on our team who have seen that the media industry needed help and have sought out ways to do that.

We have people on our team who have vision about where the future is going, not just the future of our business, but the future future, and are working to bring about that change.

We have people on our team who are incredibly talented at envisioning complex software designs and then coding them to make them happen.

And we have people who listen, people who listen to our clients as they detail what they see as THEIR future, and communicate that to our team so we can help our clients make that happen.

Our team is 100 people strong spread over both sides of the Atlantic and we are all totally stoked to make working with Piano the absolute best experience you will have working with anyone on anything, EVER.

We merged to make the future incredible, awesome, cool, interesting and fun. So if you’re wondering why Tinypass and Piano Media merged, you can stop now.

For more information please see our Press Release.

Tinypass Acquires Swishu

Feb 11, 2014
Press releases

Tinypass is excited to announce the acquisition of NYC-based Swishu, an advanced paywall and subscriber management technology company.  The deal, which brings complementary technology and new clients to the Tinypass platform, enhances Tinypass’ ability to provide publishers and site owners with comprehensive revenue solutions, particularly in terms of digital/physical bundling.  Swishu founder Nathan Goulding will join Tinypass as Vice President of Product Engineering.

You can read the press release detailing the acquisition here –

Tinypass in Ruby

Dec 12, 2013
Press releases

From the outset, Tinypass’ core technology has been an API – an application programming interface – that enables online publishers to control access to a resource.  Resources are defined by the publisher and can be any sort of digital media: an article, a movie, a blog post, a PDF, access to a forum, access to an entire web site, etc.  In the case of Tinypass, access is triggered by the purchase of the resource, i.e. dollars for content.

To date, the Tinypass API has come in three flavors – Java, .Net, and PHP.  Today, we are excited to announce the Ruby version of the Tinypass API.

Designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto – aka “Matz” – back in 1995, Ruby is a powerful, flexible programming language commonly used in web development.  Ruby got a shot in the arm in the mid 2000s with the introduction of Ruby on Rails, an open source framework which is optimized for easier development and higher development productivity.  As with many of our new features, the Ruby library – you can check it out here – was the result of customer demand.  Keep your requests and ideas coming and help shape the future of our platform.

You can read our press release announcing our new Ruby library here –