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Different Audience, Different Economics

Jun 09, 2015

We are excited to welcome Slate into the Tinypass family of publishers.  In addition to our excitement, we are gratified that our platform is able to help Slate innovate and further develop its business model.  As is the case with many leading, US-based online media sites, Slate generates significant traffic from outside our borders.  Unfortunately that traffic hasn’t paid for itself the way that domestic traffic does at Slate, primarily through US advertisers.  As Julia Turner, Slate’s editor in chief eloquently explains here, US-based advertisers are only interested in reaching a domestic audience, hence:

“…outside the United States, we are not covering our costs.  That leaves us, as a business, with two choices: either make up for low ad rates by increasing the number of ads on the site, or turn to our readers to pay a fair share of the costs of producing the site.  We’ve opted to do the latter.”

Using Tinypass VX, Slate is introducing a paywall for international users.  The metered paywall will provide five free stories each month after which loyal visitors to the site will be asked to pay $5 a month or $50 a year for Slate Unlimited, which provides full access to all articles, videos, and podcasts on the site.

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