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Tinypass for The Network!

Sep 04, 2013

As our publisher community continues to grow, so too does innovation around the Tinypass platform.  The latest leap forward is courtesy of ModernMethod (MM) – – the independent web publishing company behind Destructoid – video games, Flixist – movies, Tomopop – collectible toys, and Japanator – anime/manga.  Owned and operated by Thomas Lackner and Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez, the network of sites attracts more than 4 million unique readers every month. 

We began speaking with Niero and his team earlier this year about using Tinypass to help establish an alternative revenue stream and user experience for his audience.  Rather than churn out content for the sake of pageviews, Niero and company sought to focus on quality.  And the path to supporting quality content, as Niero notes below, didn’t involve more advertising, rather it required a new business model.

“Last summer, we discovered that 36% of our sponsors’ ads were being blocked.  (Modern Method is not alone in making this discovery – check out regarding ad blocking.)  The eventual removal of flashy ads would mean downsizing our writers or worse.

Our solution is HUGE:  A patron program with “leaky benefits” for every reader.  Members get no ads, better contests, private perks.  All readers get more videos & stories by proxy, but members get the spotlight: direct chats with the editors, live.

The math is compelling: it can take roughly 3,000 people* viewing ads to match the contribution of 1 membership.  Your membership can make a huge difference.”

*That’s 3,000 people visiting an average of 2 pages, or 6,000 pageviews multiplied by 3 ads, which make 18,000 impressions.  The national average for network ads is $1 per thousand, minus commission, but we don’t have sponsors for 100% of our readers.  Many country origins go unsold or for pennies.

HUGE membership can be purchased for either $2.99 per month or $29.99 for the year.  To learn more about the program and to see how Niero shared the news with his community check out

One of the challenges for Tinypass was creating a paid premium environment that would apply to a network of sites rather than just a single property. The combination of our API along with some custom development and design from the ModernMethod team enables a paid member of any one MM site to enjoy premium access to all four sites without having to create separate accounts.  With Tinypass in place, Niero’s readers really are in charge of “a HUGE experiment in independent publishing.”