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Tinypass Introduces its New Enterprise Offering at the Digiday Publishing Summit

Sep 22, 2014
New release

A number of us from Tinypass had the good fortune of attending the Digiday Publishing Summit in Key Biscayne last week.  As always, the quality of the conference – from the attendees, to the presentations, to the one-on-one breakout sessions – was first-rate.  So it was only appropriate that our CEO, Trevor Kaufman, used the occasion to introduce our new enterprise offering for premium publishers, Tinypass VX.

Tinypass VX
Tinypass VX is the result of our extensive work partnering with leading media innovators to introduce the concept of “value exchange” business models to online publishing.  Unlike online display advertising which treats everyone the same and asks nothing of an audience, value exchange models, with the help of big data, segment audiences and present different users with different value exchanges to enter into, i.e. an exchange of attention, data, and/or money, in return for access to content.

As is the case with ad models, rolling out value exchange models requires a set of tools.  Our new API addresses everything needed to realize these new business models and their associated revenues, including:

  • User Experiences
  • Business Rules
  • Multi-platform Usage: Web, Mobile Web, In-App
  • Promotions
  • Payments
  • Software Integration
  • Subscriber Management
  • Security
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Analytics

You can watch Trevor’s presentation here.  To learn more about how Tinypass VX can help power your premium publishing business please contact us at