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Tinypass & Time Inc.

Jun 02, 2015

As noted by Digiday, and a whole host of other outlets last week, Time Inc., the world’s largest magazine publisher, has selected Tinypass to help power sophisticated paywall implementations across its portfolio of titles. The first title to introduce a paywall on its site is Entertainment Weekly.

Using our enterprise platform, Tinypass VX, Time Inc. has taken a tiered approach to gating access to the site. After 10 free article views over the course of 30 days visitors who wish to continue viewing content on the site are asked to register in order to unlock additional free article views – see below.

This registration layer to the meter is incredibly valuable as a subset of previously anonymous visitors, of which there are tens of millions to each month, now have a mechanism by which to identify themselves in return for additional access to the brand’s site. By studying the habits of its most loyal visitors, Entertainment Weekly can begin to understand what they value most about its site and content.

Beyond the registration portion of the metered experience, Tinypass VX presents site visitors with three paid options – see below – including a package that contains the print magazine as part of the offering. The approach that has taken to gating access to its site is just one of a variety of models that Tinypass VX supports.

Other Time Inc. titles have the flexibility of testing and deploying access models that best align with their audience and content. Cognizant of the fact that advertising is an important component of our publishing partners’ business models, Tinypass VX was configured to not count search and social media traffic against the free 15 articles that Entertainment Weekly currently offers, thus helping maintain the site’s reach.

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