Extended opt-out restores visibility into your website traffic activity

Our new feature uses anonymized data to give you more insights

Having a data-informed strategy is essential. But what if you’re missing nearly half the data? In the European market alone, up to 43% of internet users are “opting out” from cookies. Our latest analytics product feature, Extended Opt-Out, uses anonymized data to shine a light on more of your website and content traffic — all while putting user privacy first and complying with regulations.

A privacy-first solution that delivers insights

So how do marketers continue to learn about their audiences, while still prioritizing privacy and compliance? Extended Opt-Out anonymizes the data from unconsented traffic by removing personal data and visitor IDs, leaving no traces of individual identification or personal data. It respects user privacy while giving you more insight into how your campaigns or products are performing, leading to better decisions and more effective strategies.

More data, stronger personalization

With Extended Opt-Out, you can determine how many times an ad impression has been viewed, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns, optimize ad placement, and ultimately improve your ROI. You can also understand the popularity of an article or product to get an accurate understanding of performance.

The benefits of Extended Opt-Out also extend to cross-product integrations. Whether you're working with Ad Revenue Insights or Composter Insights, the richer dataset can enhance the performance and effectiveness of these integrations, so you can tailor your products and services to user preferences and needs.

Getting started with Extended Opt-Out

As we head into the cookieless future and face an increasingly complex global privacy landscape, it’s more important than ever to take control of the full scope of your customer behavior through first-party data.

Our tools are designed to give you the highest level of visibility, so you always have the insights you need to be truly data-driven. Learn how to configure Extended Opt-Out on our support page.