How El Confidencial drove subscriptions by 60% with Piano’s data-driven A/B testing

El Confidencial is a leading Spanish digital publication specializing in economic, financial, and political news. It is oriented towards a middle-aged professional audience—mainly banking and business executives—and is financed mainly through advertising, events, and branded content.

El Confidencial launched its paid subscription model in 2020 and has seen considerable growth in subscriptions throughout 2021. El Confidencial has committed to continually iterating and improving its subscription products for continued growth and loyalty. In part, the publisher regularly carries out a range of multi-variant tests to find the perfect mix to boost conversions. 

“We are trying to match the readers’ needs with the content we are producing. The aim is to connect our journalists with the Piano’s data and get them directly involved in the article distribution and subscription process.” 

José Antonio Navas Moreno – Head of Subscription Products, El Confidencial

Learn about the tests that El Comfi ran, and how their findings impacted engagement in this case study.    

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