How marketers are using flexible datasets to power successful campaigns

For decades, businesses have operated under a widely accepted mandate: Build massive datasets in pursuit of a “complete” view of their customers. While many companies have succeeded in the first part of that goal, the second half of the project — putting the data they’ve gathered to effective use — has largely remained out of reach.

Fifty-seven percent of marketers around the world feel overwhelmed by the amount of data they receive and, according to Gartner, half of marketers don’t trust their modeling techniques. There’s clearly a disconnect between where the analytics teams are and where they are striving to be.

“One major challenge customers encounter when working with massive datasets is that data stems from different parts of the business and different phases of their customer funnel,” said Nicolas Hinternesch, digital analytics strategist at Piano. “So, heterogeneity can really be a challenge. The missing interoperability between the data points and not being able to cross-reference and combine data from all those different streams is another pain point — data is often siloed."

In our latest report, Digiday and Piano unpack some of the top challenges marketing teams face as they race to secure as much data as possible while implementing tactics that actually power successful campaigns.

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