How Piano Helped Polaris Media Sør Increase Their Offer Value

Piano welcomed a range of digital experts to speak at last year’s Piano Academy event in Paris, including Helene Tveiten, Digital Marketer at Polaris Media Sør − one of the largest media groups in Scandinavia. In her captivating main stage presentation, she explained how Piano enables her team to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and increase their offer value.

Key Takeaways:

Paywalls present an inherit challenge to publishers. The reaction of many readers upon hitting a paywall is one of frustration, as they're being blocked from viewing content they wanted to read. To overcome this immediate objection, publishers need to be creative in their approach to increasing the perceived value of becoming a paid subscriber.

To address this challenge, Polaris Media Sør added personalization into their offers which increased conversion. By enabling them to provide the right message at the right time to the right audience, Piano has helped Polaris Media Sør optimize their conversion flow and increase their offer value. 

The Piano platform saves Polaris Media Sør a considerable amount of time. It's easy to use, doesn’t need any prior coding knowledge, and allows anyone on the team to publish Piano widgets onto their site. With Piano's automation capabilities, Polaris Media Sør can rest assured that their audience is receiving highly-curated content experiences without much hands-on oversight.

Piano's automation boosts efficiency and increases the team's bandwidth. Piano's user-friendliness allows the Polaris Media Sør team to publish more content, carry out more A/B testing, and iterate on the process in a shorter amount of time.

Piano enables them to work smarter. As a powerful platform that has streamlined their processes, Piano’s tech makes every employee more efficient. 

Watch the full recording to discover how Piano has helped improve Polaris Media Sør's agility and given their team time to focus on driving more subscriptions.