How The Spectator’s User-First Digital Strategy Extended Their Centuries Old Brand

As the world’s oldest weekly magazine, The Spectator admirably extended their brand into digital and developed a successful subscription business model. They optimized their onsite experiences and customized their paywalls using Piano’s end-to-end subscription solutions, benchmark data, and out-of-the-box templates and segments. Thanks to Piano, they were able to create personalized experiences, in real-time, while maintaining the editorial philosophy of their print publications on the digital platform.

“Our digital subscription offering is so much more than web. It's emails, it's podcasts, it's events, it's even continued appreciation of print. The Spectator is a highly omnichannel experience,” says Tom Morgan. “We plan to use Piano as not just a tech platform, but to continue optimizing the entire experience for our readers, improving customer journeys, and to help drive that cross-channel engagement.”

Determined to incorporate Piano into more aspects of their business, The Spectator will:

  • Continue optimizing paywalls and improve metered subscription journeys

  • Leverage Piano’s flexible orchestration solutions to deploy personalized content

  • Save internal time and resources using the technology to make real-time improvements

  • Continue personalizing content for the website, podcasts, newsletters, print, and even events

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