How leboncoin uses Piano Analytics to drive data consistency and privacy compliance across teams

leboncoin, the French classified ads website, attracts more than 29 million unique visitors per month. With such a high volume of online traffic, data analysis is critical to ensuring the company can deliver relevant experiences to a wide cross-section of people with varied interests.

leboncoin needed an analytics provider who could maintain data consistency and accuracy across its data team, provide fast and easy access to reliable data, allow for audience segmentation to personalize on-site experiences and was compliant with all data privacy rules and regulations.  

Partner with Piano Analytics, leboncoin built a data-driven organization centered around essential analytics functionality including:  

  • Real-time data sharing 
  • Deep data mining and audience segmentation
  • GDPR and data privacy compliance  

"Piano Analytics’ platform and high quality data has really put us in the driving seat for launching and optimizing our product features. It’s an indispensable part of our business operations."

Thomas Hiley – Chief Data Officer at leboncoin

Learn more about leboncoin’s success working with Piano Analytics in this case study.

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