Monetizing In A Cookieless World: Piano Secures First Party Tracking With Cookie Extension

Over the past year, several browsers have, or are planning to, limit third-party cookies and cross-site tracking. Apple started the trend by deploying Safari’s ITP (Internet Tracking Protection) — which blocks third-party cookies and limits first-party cookies used as third-party. Firefox followed suit by blocking third-party cookies as a default. Then Google announced third-party cookies restrictions, with plans to permanently deprecate them by 2022. 

These cookie restrictions are setting user targeting, CX and site metrics back 20 years. This new reality will result in an impersonal customer experience, make it tougher for publishers to drive subscriptions and for brands to authentically connect with consumers. From forgotten sessions and inaccurate analytics, to the inability to retarget users, these new regulations have caused even more headaches for anyone owning an audience monetization strategy. Unless you have first party cookies that are set server-side, of course.

Owning Your Data 

First-party data has reigned supreme for decades. Browsers favor a direct exchange of data between end users and domains, and that data has helped publishers move users closer to subscribing and brands to deliver relevant products to their audience in the right moments. The problem is many publishers don’t actually have first party cookies or tracking in place. That’s why we built Cookie Extension.

Cookie Extension by Piano 

Piano is releasing Cookie Extension — a new way to set and manage your first-party cookies in this cookie-limited world. These cookies are indistinguishable from your own, allowing Piano's user login, data capture and targeting capabilities to overcome browser-based limitations. You can feel relief knowing your audience monetization strategy will not be impacted.

Cookie Extension goes deeper into preserving your CX by monitoring efficacy to ensure cookies aren’t being dropped from your browser and remaining cookie compliant with all of the nuanced regulations. Your audience has become accustomed to a personalized experience and frankly, you have built a business off of that model. Piano has developed this capability to ensure no concessions are made for today, or the future.

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