Piano and Digiday Release Publisher’s Guide to A/B Testing

For publishers with existing subscription programs in places, looking for ways to optimize and incrementally improve conversions is essential. Understanding how an audience is responding to content and offers, and then injecting those insights into your subscription strategy will allow for continued growth.

In 2022, more and more publishers are relying on intelligently deployed A/B testing to reach their goals. A/B testing is the process of evaluating ideas and hypotheses to improve KPIs, whether it's increasing subscribers, memberships, readership, or another brand goal by showing different variables to site visitors and seeing which elements elicit better engagement. This can involve testing membership options, pricing, offer terms or call-to-action formats.

In this guide, Digiday and Piano present tactics for publishers to employ successful A/B tests and grow their audiences through incremental improvement. Learn how to best:

  • Identify KPIs to focus on during A/B testing
  • Set up A/B tests to optimize your subscription program
  • Understand the statistics and metrics used in A/B testing
  • Identify A/B testing partners and resources

The incremental change A/B testing offers is one of the biggest drivers of publisher growth.

Download the report to learn how to deploy testing that can make the most immediate and lasting results.