Rapid Subscription Growth: How Piano Helped The Daily Memphian Achieve a 12 Month Subscriber Goal in 3 Weeks

Dedicated to providing 650,000+ Memphians with intelligent local journalism, The Daily Memphian sought to boost their loyal subscriber base. Recognizing Piano as a solution to personalize digital experiences with speed and scalability, they quickly integrated Piano into their CMS to gain valuable insight into existing readers and subscribers. Once this was complete, they were able to achieve their subscriber goals without logistical difficulties.

I wanted to go big and fast when launching the Daily Memphian. Piano was the perfect strategic partner to help with that,” says Eric Barnes, CEO of The Daily Memphian.

Describing Piano as a turnkey solution that enabled the team to optimize content experiences, The Daily Memphian successfully:

  • Achieved a subscriber count 5x above the initial goal
  • Increased the monthly paywall rate by 30%
  • Delivered optimized content experiences to boost customer loyalty

To find out more, read the full story or view our recorded webinar with The Daily Memphian.