Supercharged Advertising ROI: How Piano Helped Mediahuis Achieve a 26% Higher CTR with Targeted Campaigns

Leading European media company Mediahuis — which runs over 40 of the largest news, classifieds and career websites in Belgium and the Netherlands — wanted to create an advertising experience that could match Google and Facebook’s level of granularity while offering a level of service and flexibility the giants never could. 

But Mediahuis lacked the data-literacy and platform technology it needed to integrate siloed data from each publication. They called on Piano to help them bridge the gap.

 “Using Piano, we were able to link our data with our advertisers’ and say, ‘These are the readers we need to target, and this is what they read, which means this is the branded content they might be interested in,’” adds Mediahuis strategy director Geert Desager.

Piano DMP offered Mediahuis not only the quick start it wanted but the flexibility it needed to create outstanding campaigns that would draw advertisers and raise revenues — empowering them to achieve:

  • 25 percent CTR on retargeted native advertising articles
  • 60 percent of native advertising readers converted on the advertiser's site
  • 26 percent higher CTR than comparable non-targeted campaigns

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