The state of publisher revenue: Pathways to total revenue optimization in 2024

Watch Michael Silberman, Piano’s EVP of Media Strategy, as he explores Total Revenue Optimization (TRO), a comprehensive approach designed to address the challenges faced by publishers in today's landscape. Backed by insights from Digiday and Piano's 2024 Industry Report, “The state of publisher revenue | Pathways to total revenue optimization in 2024,” we'll examine why 98% of publishers are prioritizing TRO in their plans. From managing revenue streams strategically to mitigating audience cannibalization, this webinar recording helps you better understand the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today's dynamic publishing landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the pivotal role of Total Revenue Optimization in adapting to evolving consumer demands, economic shifts, and privacy regulations.
  • Learn actionable strategies to optimize revenue streams across all business areas for maximum earnings.
  • Explore how leading publishers leverage TRO to balance user targeting, mitigate audience cannibalization, and foster sustainable revenue growth.
  • Go deeper on report findings, including the rise of dynamic subscription and paywall models, how to break down cross-functional silos and strategies for organizational alignment.