Trevor Kaufman Wins “Best MarTech Company CEO”

We are so proud to announce that our CEO Trevor Kaufman has been selected as the 2020 winner of the “Best MarTech Company CEO” from MarTech Breakthrough. The annual awards program recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industry today.

Trevor has successfully led the company through rapid growth and global expansion, which led us to become the top provider of subscription commerce solutions in the market. Trevor joined Piano, when it was originally formed as Tinypass in 2012, and took on the name Piano over the course of several acquisitions led by Trevor, including Piano Media (2016), Newzmate (2018), and most recently, Cxense (2019). This strategy has helped us achieve a near 300% growth rate in the past 18 months.

Most recently, many tech leaders faced a tough challenge when COVID-19 sent most employees into uncertainty as well as work-from-home lockdowns. Trevor met this challenge head on. During the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Piano teams dispersed to work remotely, Trevor took it upon himself to connect one-on-one with all 350+ employees globally. He believes in collaboration, and is always willing to make himself available to any employee who needs support or wants to chat. Piano’s employee retention rates are incredibly high for a reason, stemming from the culture Trevor has built.

To read more about the award, check out the press release, here.