How Nexstar transformed its social media program in under six weeks

Nexstar Media Group, Inc. is America’s largest local TV and media company, with 200 broadcast stations in 116 markets nationwide. They also own and operate a wide range of digital outlets, mobile apps, and social channels.

With hundreds of social content producers publishing hundreds of thousands of social messages a month, Nexstar needed a centralized, accessible tool that would simplify the workflow for social media stakeholders across the organization.

Nexstar chose Socialflow to help their team manage its expansive social media operation. By providing a powerful centralized platform, Socialflow streamlined workflows company-wide and enabled users to automate when necessary, maintaining control and security throughout the process. The seamless onboarding process allowed Nexstar to get its upgraded social media program running in under six weeks.

Using Socialflow, Nexstar successfully transitioned 700 social handles and over 1,500 users to the platform in the first 90 days of the partnership to successfully reach 325K+ social posts a month.

Find out how Socialflow transformed Nexstar’s social media program in the full case study.

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